Invitation to the International LPG Seminar 2020


We will hold the International LPG Seminar 2020. You will enjoy this year during 3rd (Tue) and 4th (Wed), March, 2020 in Tokyo.
The seminar 2020 is held under the theme of “An Era of Diversification : New Strategies for Growing LPG Markets” and it assembles a representative group of interested parties including gas producing and consuming countries.
Listening to the presentation of LPG associated with Shale that the U.S. is advancing its development and the current situation of Middle East gas producers. As you acknowledge, while diversity of the supply sources extends, in demands side, emerging countries, not only China but also India, South East countries, are growing rapidly. In addition to current usage of LPG such as Domestic/Commercial, Petrochemical Feedstock and Auto Gas etc., new usages of LPG are starting such as Marine Engine Fuel, LPG Power Generation.
For decarbonisation, the diversification in global LPG Markets show new business opportunities both of supply and demands. We schedule the collective Q and A session in a wide range of sectors including global LPG shipping market.
We would like to announce the seminar to invite LPG related people worldwide.

1 開催概要(Seminar Outline)
開催日:2020年3月3日(火) 13:00 ~ 17:30(開場12:30)
              4日(水)   9:30 ~ 15:00(開場09:00)


Date & Time:13:00-17:30, 3rd March, 2020 (Open: 12:30)
          9:30-15:00, 4th March, 2020 (Open: 09:00)

※Welcome Reception, fully sponsored by Japan LP Gas Association, is held at 18:00, 3rd March, 2020 in Keidanren Hall, which is next to the Seminar venue.

開催場所:日経ビル3F 日経ホール地図
     〒100-8066 東京都千代田区大手町1-3-7
     東京メトロ千代田線 大手町駅 徒歩2分
     東京メトロ丸ノ内線 大手町駅 徒歩5分
     東京メトロ半蔵門線 大手町駅 徒歩5分
     東京メトロ東西線  大手町駅 徒歩9分
                竹橋駅 徒歩2分
     都営地下鉄三田線  大手町駅 徒歩6分

Venue:Nikkei Hall (Nikkei Bldg.) 1-3-7 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo        100-8066, Japan (MAP)
    Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Otemachi St. Two Minutes on foot
    Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Otemachi St. Five Minutes on foot
    Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Otemachi St. Five Minutes on foot
    Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Otemachi St. Five Minutes on foot
                 Takebashi St. Two Minutes on foot
    Metropolitan Subway Mita Line, Otemachi St. Five Minutes on foot
    *Direct Connection through “Otemachi St. Exit C2b”

2 参加のお申込み(Application)

Application:We will accept your application to the following E-mail addresses.
Fill out an application with your name, company /organization, department/business title, E-mail address, etc.
 Domestic Participants:seminar2020kok@lpgc.or.jp
 Overseas Participants:seminar2020itn@lpgc.or.jp

 ※Japanese expatriates are asked to apply to the registration as an
  overseas participant

受付期間 (Duration of accepting application)

 20th January ~14th February, 2020

To the press:We will announce the invitation to the press separately.

3 参加費等
(Fee and other things)
Fee : Free
Presentations:We won’t give out presentations to the audience.
Presentation material:You can see the presentation material through Wi-Fi at the venue.

4 お問い合わせ先
 Domestic Participants: seminar2020kok@lpgc.or.jp
 Overseas Participants: